Post-Build Cleans

Whether you’ve just finished a new build or renovation, there’s always a clean-up required. Dust, scuff marks, timber shavings, dirty glass...
Jones and Co specialise in post-construction cleans. Not only will it make the house look great – it’ll make you look great and you can move on to your next job knowing that we’ll leave the place spotless. We guarantee both you & the occupants will be thrilled with the result.

What you can expect:

We’ll bring our own cleaning products and equipment and we’ll methodically work our way around cleaning the building from top to bottom taking care to elimate any signs of a construction site. If you have specific instructions we’ll follow them, or, you can leave it to our expert team to get the job done. You can rely on us to:

• Get rid of dust (once and for all)
• Detail clean intricate fixtures
• Clean sliding door runners
• Cabinets
• Wipe out closet shelving
• Shine fittings
• Clean windows and frames
• Remove any marks/paint/stickers

We’re so confident in our Post-build Cleans that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee!

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