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Have you dreamt of becoming your own boss but didn't know where to start and actually make it happen?

Have you dreamt of becoming your own boss but didn't know where to start and actually make it happen?

We believe people dream and long to be their own boss but feel too overwhelmed, lack knowledge, confidence, resources and the support to be able to get out and do it.

By joining the Jones and Co team we will give you all the training, equipment, resources, marketing and support that you need to run a successful business

When you have the “know how”, the latest software, proven best practice and support, being Your Own Boss isn't just a dream it is a reality!
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Business in a Box was created and designed to break-down all those obstacles and barriers to owning a business. We have made it simple and achievable, creating a pathway so that it is no longer an unattainable dream but a reality.

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Business in a box is everything you need to succeed in the Cleaning, Gardening and Property Service Industry and Profession.

Jones and Co is the new standard of Business, setting a new standard of clean. We offer the opportunity to be self employed in a sustainable, secure way by helping you establish your own Business within a Business in your area, with the support of experienced operators and utilising systems and networks to help achieve success. Jones and Co are offering the opportunity to own your own Business within a Business in the Cleaning, Gardening and Property Services Industry.

Business in a Box  gives you the ability to be Your Own Boss. 

Sustainable Business

Sustainable Business

Creating and developing good work place practices that ensure the care of our environment and those who work in it.
Fair Trade

Fair Trade

To improve lively hoods & better support for our communities. Offers the stability of income which enables planning for the future and investment in developing further opportunities.
Ethical Business

Ethical Business

Built on our core company values which govern the polices, business practices & services of Jones and Co.

Do you want to earn a good living and be valued for what you do?
Own your Own Business with Jones and Co and achieve just that and more!


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