Jones and Co Cleaning, Property and Lifestyle Solutions is a premuim quality cleaning business with branches currently in Dunedin and Christchurch and expanding throughout New Zealand.

Jones and Co was established in Dunedin by Managing Director, Ally Kelleher in 2014. Ally has devoted the past few years to raising the bar in the cleaning industry and showing people what a great cleaning technician can do for them.

As a working mother with more than 20 years in hospitality, real estate and small business, Ally knows as well as anyone that not one person can do it all and she knows how a little help around the home or workplace can go a very long way. “Our service is personal, it’s affordable and it’s very much appreciated. We help busy people take back their lives so they can spend time on what really matters; their family, their career, hobbies… anything they like."

If you’re looking for a cleaning service for your home or workplace, look no further, Jones and Co are the epitome of clean, providing exceptional service – every time!

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In today’s world, our lives are busier and how we spend our time has changed, but up until now, the way we perceived the cleaning profession has not.

Ally has devoted the past few years to raising the bar in the cleaning industry and showing people what a great cleaning technician can do for them.

It’s personal, it’s affordable and it’s very much appreciated.

Jones and Co is a high quality Cleaning, Property and Lifestyle Solutions Business. It’s designed to help busy people take back their lives and do the things they want to do. 

Spend your time on what really matters, your family, your career, your hobby, anything you like. 

Let Jones and Co take care of the rest!

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Our lives are busy

Promise and Commitment

Service »

We care that your household, workspace or section receives the highest quality of service. We commit to bring you that service in line with our high standards and highly trained professionals.

Trained Professionals »

At Jones and Co, our high cleaning standards start with our selection process. Every team member is interviewed, assessed and screened. They receive a minimum of 3 months in-house training and have access to ongoing professional training, upskilling and development.

Insured »

We care about our customers having complete peace of mind. We guarantee all our services are covered by public liability insurance.

Community building »

We care about supporting our community, which is why we recruit locally and support our team to grow professionally and personally, to be able to realise their own potential and give back to their communities.


We care about our environment and where at all possible, we use the very best environmentally friendly products.

Our Purpose

Our aim and purpose at Jones and Co is to revolutionise the industry and take it from good to excellent by setting a new standard of value for the cleaning industry and to change the perception of our industry so that it is a valued, rewarded and a priority service.

At Jones and Co, we value our people and we value our customers, in turn, our premium services are valued. This is ultimately what sets us apart from the rest.
Our Purpose

Our values

Jones and Co believe that we are all here by design and every person has value and purpose. Our vision is to make a significant and positive difference to the lives of our customers that improves their well-being and health.
Our values


How do you price your cleaning services?
Our cleaning services are based on a variety of components; labor, equipment, products, travel and on the space in which we are to clean. Every household, section and workspace is different so we are happy to provide a no-obligation estimate so you can have peace of mind.

For regular clients, after the initial service, a flat rate based on average time required is charged. Every cleaning service includes: one of our highly trained team members, all products and equipment and full insurance.
What is your cancellation policy?
Cancellations will be accepted up to 48 hours of the provision of services. For any cleaning cancellations under 48 hours please call us to discuss. Failure to give adequate notice will mean you are subject to 75 % of the regular service fee. This includes occasions when the Jones and Co cleaning team are not able to access your household, section or workspace at the scheduled time.
What type of training does your team receive?
Each Jones and Co team member goes through four phases in house training before working independently as well as ongoing up-skilling. Our cleaners provide excellent cleaning services time and time again.
How far ahead should I book my service?
To enable us to accommodate your cleaning needs and time-frames, Jones and Co recommend 7 days’ notice; however, you can check our availability at anytime by contacting us.
How should I pay?
At Jones and Co we want to make things easy for you. We have flexible payment options on our affordable rates and now offer Humm, which means paying is even easier. We also accept cash and direct credit payments via internet banking.
Do I get the same team member each time?
We do our best to make this happen, however no matter which of our highly trained team members provides your cleaning service, you can rest assure that you will receive the same high quality Jones and Co service.
What about breakages or damages?
While breakages and damage are rare you can rest assured, all Jones and Co cleaning services are covered by our insurance, and any damage or breakage attributable to us will be discussed at the time and a suitable resolution agreed on.
Do I supply any cleaning items?
Jones and Co provide all equipment and cleaning supplies as needed. If there is a special product you would prefer us to use just let us know. We do have options to purchase our environmentally friendly products and cloths through Jones and Co that you can keep and use in between cleans?
Do I need to be there?
This is completely up to you. Most of our clients simply provide us with a key or an access code and we take care of the rest while you are out.
What happens if my scheduled service falls on a public holiday?
We will endeavour to give you advance notice when this occurs. We will discuss with you a suitable, alternative day/time.
Should I cancel my service if I am away on holiday?
While you relax on holiday, we can still take care of your property and business by doing some of those other tasks like cleaning the oven, doing a Deep Clean, cleaning the windows and any other tasks. Please make arrangements ahead of time to allow for this to happen. If, however you prefer to reschedule for when you return, please advise us as soon as possible.

We love what we do and are passionate about people - our customers, staff and suppliers. We care about the value that we all contribute to the communities we live in.

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Life is not always easy and sometimes an extra pair of hands is all it takes to help them get back on track.

If you know someone who needs a helping hand - let’s talk!

Whether it be cleaning their house, washing/ironing, preparing meals or outdoor spruce up - tell us how we can provide a helping hand to a person you value. Simply fill in the details below or private message us on our Facebook page.
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